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Power Color by Sammy Salamanca. There is a strong sense of visual discipline inherent in this work—an elegantly imposed order over the free-ranging mind with all its repertoire of refractions and reflections. Sammy Salamanca builds his own tools as spatulas to drag the paint and thus generate displacement effects with its bands of color that seem to go from one color to the next; inflections of red, orange, and violet sections add a quality to the strictness of the lines. Abstractly, the paintings deliver the full, immersive effect of the landscape, each time through particular light and air. Salamanca is equally precise in the realization of space. Each space he paints feels oriented to a specific vantage point. As a result, these paintings feel truly spatially navigable, something that hardly ever occurs convincingly in an abstract painting. One could view the surface, with its linear notations, as the artist’s conscious mind, and below the cohesiveness of the linear are fleeting hints of Sammy's subconscious with its pool of desires, its fears, its innocence, its dark side, its need to hide and to seek, these views of real and imaginary terrain could go on to infinity. Salamanca was born in Colombia, where he continues to live and work today.


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Lugares y personas se pertenecen

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Un beso en medio del bosque crepuscular


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