“Pieces of light” Inspired by Water

Lucía Dälél is a watercolor landscape artist whose work celebrates the beauty and tranquility of nature through light and atmosphere. Her paintings, featured in her series “Pieces of Light,” depict lavish landscapes, beaches, and moments in time, capturing the shifting light occurring in nature with transparency and a lightness of tones. Using stains as the body of her work, Lucia creates a unique message that allows the viewer a distinct sense of freedom and expression.

As a contemporary artist, Lucia has dedicated herself to mastering a unique technique that involves washing broad layers of pale colors to create an ethereal translucency. This technique gives her work an abstract quality that allows for a depiction of nature beyond its physical form. As a result, Lucia’s paintings transport the viewer into a world of serenity, where they can contemplate the beauty and majesty of the natural world.

Lucia was born in Colombia and is based in Brazil. Her work has been exhibited in numerous countries, including Colombia, Chile, Italy, Germany, the United States, Ireland, Spain, and Brazil. She has received recognition and awards for her work, including the Gold Medal in the “Aquarelle Salon of Brazil” in 2014 and the “Barbara Hendricks” mention in the United States in 2015.

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