Lorena Rosas

Inspiring Essence of Children

Art as an exploration of the female gender, juxtaposed situations and objects, generating a kind of deconstruction with a permanent interest in the human relationship with nature and its tensions. Designs that oscillate between abstraction and figuration, starting from organic compositions, which contain both layers of allegorical images and the meanings that they elicit, seeking to reflect connections between the past and contemporary.
Lorena paints softly using a light and airy palette, is airy and light in feeling childlike wonderment and fearfulness, exploration into her inner playroom of thoughts and worlds. Her canvases are somewhat washy and, at the same time, detailed and descriptive.
Each painting is a message where memories embrace where each one has a personality, feeling, history. They are anonymous and rescued women who operate in the body of the work as social traces and cultural symbols that show us other ways of being a woman in the world. She has created a style as powerful and recognizable as her artwork itself.

Lorena a Colombian artist has exhibited national and international galleries in Japan, New York City and Bogota.

Contact: lorenarosas.art@gmail.com