Jorge Ortiz Tinoco

Distortion of Reality by Jorge Ortiz Tinoco

The perceptions about beauty are often ignored, that is where the line becomes the protagonist of Ortiz’s work. He is An architect and a visual artist, born in Cartagena, Colombia. UNIVERSIDAD PONTIFICIA BOLIVARIANA -Medellín.

Cause by this fortunate duality to capture in his work, the use of color, line, and space, through the emotions that crossed the limits in his conceptualization and presentation. Conceptual art, marked by its focus on the artistic experience and theoretical components, makes the need for objects relatively superfluous.

Smoke attracts the attention of those who appreciate the mysteries of the world. These wisps of smoke cut through the air like a spectrum trying to maintain its shape, and its visualization. The smoke is incorporated into artwork in various ways, and the result instills a sense of nature mixed with the destructive forces that persist behind the veil of reality in this psychological work, Ortiz positions himself.

His message ultimately is to show evidence that art is all about ideas and the artist is inseparable from these ideas and serves as a conceptual and aesthetic challenge to connect the viewer to his work. “From time to time we dive between smoke screens hiding truths to live among predetermined social conditions”
Exhibitions in Poland, the United States, and Colombia.

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