Carlos Lersundy

Photography Digital Painting

Carlos Lersundy is a Colombian artist whose work is the result of a process that has gone through various disciplines, such as photography, cinematography, design, and painting. Carlos has worked in art and advertising and has designed and produced corporate and political advertising campaigns.

Lersundy explores the landscape of post-digital painting shaped and influenced by digital aesthetics and methods. Using new forms of technology to manipulate images in a way that sets them apart from the rest in a process that has gone through various disciplines in art, including photography. He is truly a unique mixed media artist; He tends to play with landscapes, manipulating them, creating beautiful 3D pieces of work that are part mixed media photography and part painting. The result is an amalgamation of techniques that he develops on the iPad and takes to the canvas with some interventions in oil.

He has exhibited in Colombia, Chile, and the USA.


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Cel 57 311 4819883