Ángela Castro Fénix

Warm Glass Wonder


Ángela uses transparency as a means of expression “with Silica and other elements at 900° she creates raw material, which is organic glass, when the light passes through the glass it refracts and diffracts. The aesthetic properties of glass as reflectiveness and transparency raise unique sculptural issues. It is necessary to consider internal space in sculpture that arise because of the transparency of the material used.

The series called ‘Life in Electra’ presenting an exciting opportunity to explore the uniqueness of glass as a fine art medium, recreate an imaginary world, in which we find languages, symbols and traces of life, of a new cosmology in the contemporary look. Oxygen is colored, water is solid and we show cosmograms represented in the nests and we see how they live, how they reproduce, what they collect and the delicacy with which the solid colored fibers that form the nest are intertwined. We recognize that we are all interconnected and that life in the cosmos is possible in many ways.

Ángela using glass makes space inside sculpture visible and solid, and to create new forms within this space with a more conceptual innovative approach.

She is now exhibiting at the Controversia Gallery in Bogotá.

Contact: vitrafenix@hotmail.com