Andrés Santo Domingo

Soul Encounters

The Soul Encounter’s series combining stillness with motion, solitude with universality and definition with suggestion, is a contemporary message and execution. Landscapes that originate in the most unexpected and mysterious scenarios of introspection, magic in intense rays of divine light that emerge from other instances through the soul. Andres’ landscapes displays an interwoven connection with human emotions and nature.

The product of intense technical and chromatic work judiciously developed for more than 30 years. The images are intriguing and entrancing, the complexity of the color and textures along with the illusions of bright sunlight will entice a viewer to spend hours getting lost in the beauty of his landscapes

Santodomingo’s landscapes messaging experience and imagination, exploring states of mind and soul, the patterns created, lend ambiguity and mystery to the subject.

Andres Santodomingo is a colombian artist who has been exhibited in Colombia, Canada, United States, Paris, France and England.

Contact Number: +57 311 495 68 48
Instagram: @andres_santodomingo_f