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“Fernando Pinto, is a skill abstract minimalist colombian sculptor. He masters the art of marble,white quartzite stone and granite bringing to life rough, dense materials and its monolithic blocks, liberating living forms from within these materials . Central theme of his work is the contemplative human being, as an abstract figure, reflecting on the longing for harmony and communication. An abstract sculptor, Pinto explores both the complexity of the non-representational and the expansiveness created by working on non-traditional supports. If ‘line’ is the main protagonist in most of his works then space, rhythm and light is its context. This is about perception, emotional responses and thinking in the “here and now”. The surfaces, which seem to absorb natural daylight in order for it then to be emanated, have a strange diaphanous or luminous effect. The small format series, reflecting on conflicts between human beings. In the end these reflections that are derived from civic conflicts in Colombia, but at the end are simply human conflicts, evidence of contrasts generated in a civilized society. His works are conceptual in theme, emphasizing varieties of line, texture, color, form and shadow; sense of movement is captured and translated into his marble or stone linear sculptures. Fernando Pinto selected in Taiwan by the International Cultural Council. Winner of the 2012 International Chaco Sculpture Biennial, the Guadalajara Sculpture Biennial in Mexicoand Bienal del Chaco, Argentina. He has exhibited extensively in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan and Australia. Also in Peru, Italy , Japan, Mexico, Syria, Colombia, South Korea, India, Portugal, Argentina, Spain, Leban and Taiwan. Prizes;1st prize 14º Simposio Internazionale Nantopietra, Vicenza, Italia. 2do prize II Bienal de Escultura de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, México.1st grand prize, Bienal del Chaco, Resistencia.


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Entendiendo el espacio 4 - 2014

Mármol negro los santos - 16 x 15 x 10 cm

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Entendiendo el espacio 7 - 2014

Mármol negro los santos - 17 x 11 x 14 cm

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Entendiendo el espacio 15 - 2014

Granito - 18 x 7 x 9 cm


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