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In the abstract images of Colombian artist Pablo Zapata, visions of color and movement converge to create unexpected configurations of line and form. A complexity inherent in the manner in which everything comes together, creating an extraordinary synchronicity that speaks of a depth of meaning and purpose in each of his works. In Zapata´s art anyone can connect regardless of background or intent. For him, the representational aspect of painting is less important than his interpretation of the reality of the emotive force the thing contains . The simultaneous combined effect of interacting elements in his paintings besiege the viewer with feelings. Expressing not only space itself but also the timeless play of space and energy, space continually gives birth to energy and energy dissolves into space , energy sparkles as a few small diversified shapes in strikingly bright colors. His art uses shape, color and, later, texture and the movement of paint to evoke a world of emotion and imagination. By -2011s he had forged a distinctive personal style which advanced a startling use of simple shapes and high-key color. These paintings defied the modernist insistence on a flat picture surface. Instead they emphasized the illusion of space.His art has been featured in several art galleries in the Unites States and Colombia

Telephone: +57 3007656638

Email: pazartepz@hotmail.com

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Jungle and Heliconias at Night - 2012

Acrilyc on Canvas 50 x 24 cm

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Oil on Wood

20 x 20 cm

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Oil on Wood

20 x 20 cm


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