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Milena Arango , botanical and natural science artist Milena´s Vestigiun Tectona Grandis series, has been produced after her research and residence in South India, which prompted her to explore the relationship between art and nature. She collects hundreds of leaves that will then be the material of images. In some of her best-known pieces, using organic substances are then left to decay and decompose in their own . Curiously, it becomes more of a concept the more it disappears as a recognised object, focusing on form, texture and color unique to the specimens. Between representation and abstraction Milena´s paintings are beside the point — the ever-changing leaves — she marks time without calling attention to it, the beauty that appears spontaneously because of the exploration of the instability and transience of the organic.To these pieces are added, some "hanging gardens" made with leaves and dry branches, allude to the problem of pollution. Organic art is all around us, and has always been a part of our ever changing planet . Moreover, each leaf defines its own space. Their constantly changing orientation activates the painting’s surface through Milina´s outstanding achivement. Milena Arango currently lives in Bogotá. She graduated from the Visual Arts Program at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in 2001. She returned to Colombia in 2010 and in 2011 traveled to Sardinia, to make his first residence of art, based on performance. In 2014 he went to South India to make second art residence. Museum of fine arts Argentina.Tasara international workshops Tasara weaving center, contemporary art museum Sardegna Italy. Exhibits in Colombia, Paris France, Miami, Santo Domingo, Havana Cuba and Argentina http://www.flickr.com/photos/milenaria/

Telephone: (57)-310 8745705

Email: arangomilena@gmail.com

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Self portrait - 2017

Get Away Digital printing on paper

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“AMNESIA # 1” - 2016

Digital Impression in Light Box

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“AMNESIA # 1” - 2016

Digital Impression in Light Box


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