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Maria Isabel abstract landscapes in 'Sensations', evoke the world's constant flux and passages of rare beauty.with a balanced composition and the right kind of texture and tone. Maria Isabel- is a passionate artist using an innovative technique in oil paint that captures emotion and awakens the senses… She modifies the observed subject by introducing a subjective element of her own, the 'feeling of being there' is apparent. Each work contains a pole of stillness and a pole of violence; from both of which a remarkable aesthetic unity evolves. The only recurring motif found is a playful smuggling of unexpected blues into monochrome skies and seas. Her current artwork, with an abstract spirit combined with figurative references, features strength through color and freedom evidenced in shapes.. This is earthy, grounded, sensible art at its peak of accomplishment and maturity. She has been invited to National Exhibition of Fine Arts - Carrousel du Louvre , Paris. Every year, the National Exhibition of Fine Arts presents paintings, sculptures and prints in the triangle of the Louvre Pyramid.


Email: midelince@gmail.com

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Categories miseruptionofbeauty

Eruption of Beauty

Oleo on canvas

Categories misdelightofdawn

Delight of Dawn

Oleos over canvas 130 x 190 cm

Categories misdesnudo


Oleo on Canvas 70 x 70 cm


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