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“TRANSPARENCY AND LIGHTNESS IN GLASS” Marta's creative process is closely associated with nature, beauty, the harmony of shapes and especially the fascination of water as artistic language, allowing the conceptual and abstract compositions in new techniques for the glass transformation into realised luminous sculptures. By using lamporking technique, she reproduces drops of water, stalactites, ice, competing with nature in admirable and astonishing way. Every piece is individually made, one of a kind, and freezes a moment in its different dynamic states, using water as a source of inspiration, always looking for concepts of lightness in her work. Transparency, which is intrinsic to glass or crystal as a medium gives Marta's works a different dimension. Glass gives a touch of the ethereal establishing artistic balance, proportion and unity in a composition meant to be perceived in the round and regulating the passage of light through the glass. With simple or intricate forms, inspired by natural themes she additionally creates a photographic work as a complement to sculptures. creating scenarios in which the viewer must question their capacity to navegate from reality to illusion. Marta born in Bogotá, Colombia, Industrial designer National University of Colombia. Website/ www.martaramirezglassign.com E-mail/ martai.ramirezsilva@gmail.com

Telephone: +573108796742

Email: martaramirez@latamart.com

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Easy ocean

Molten glass to the torch. Lampworking, assembly. 30 cm

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Snapshot. Octagonlaes pieces with cups inside.

Molten glass to the torch. Assembly 15 x 20 x 15 cm

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Gravity zero floating cups

About frame 30 x 45 x 5 cm Molten glass to the torch. Assembly15 Lampworking, assembly.


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