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Re-sideral “subatomic installation” Magali Reales is an abstract painter, installation and performance artist, who focuses on the cosmos where the “atom” is the driver of the message as depicted by the Kogi indians of Colombia, unique among the world’s indigenous cultures. They are said to have memory of the beginning of time and that the power of their mind is beyond comprehension. Their ceremonial houses contain four circular, stepped, wooden shelves inside of conical roofs, representing the different cosmic layers, the house being the exact reproduction of the universe, thus becomes “the heart of the world” and psychological action trying to place us in that belonging. Magali´s series “Subatomic Installation”, in which each picture has a relationship with a card from the oracle by psiaccion place the viewer as part of the order as heart of the world. She is also known for her oil and acrylic dot-based paintings that recall cosmic and cellular imagery, as well as those in saturated colors to form various patterns, creating a luminous effect. Composed as a purely abstract arrangement of various-sized circles, the mandalas float like atoms, a shape that opened up a fourth dimension – one of spirituality. Though she titles her paintings according to their true-life inspirations, shape is most important to her work: she segments her compositions in a very tangible, calculated manner. One can trace Magali's creative path across the finished canvas of space art was to cover the era of Solar System studies beginning with originals by the Kogi tribe. Her artwork hangs in private collections in Colombia, France, Spain, and the United States, and also in the contemporary engraving collection of the 20th century in the National Library of Madrid.

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Email: magusreales@gmail.com

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Green sun

1.60 x 1.90 cm Oil and acrylic US$2.350

Categories magali retazo de universo

Universe remnant

1.40 x 1.00 cm Oil on canvas Sold

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Cosmos as butterfly

Mixed media on cotton 1.00 x 1.20 cm US$1.70


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