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Luz Miryam´s art is about motion -the deeper you dig, the more youll find-. She is best known for her elaborate wildlife compositions, created in her signature style of gestural painting, “Abstract Naturalism.” Through her artwork, Luz Miryam illuminates the interconnectedness of the universe and the joys found in nature. Patterned animal seem to emphasize the circle of life. Her abstract work allowed much greater levels of creativity, sensations of traditional and vibrant oil color, all with an illusionist bent. Artwork by color combinations, brush strokes, and other special techniques. Her dynamic, rhythmic, and harmonious abstract compositions could only have been created by an artist of amazing talent, insight, ingenuity, and experience. Her artwork is intended to transport the viewer emotionally to another place for a similar experience that is different and unique for each one. Her artwork hangs in private collections in Colombia, England and the United States.


Email: luzmiryam.barrero3@gmail.com

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