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BLOOMING TOWARDS FLOWERING COLOFULLY. Lucia Dalel is an artist born in Colombia. In a “flowery” series, she systematically investigates the role of form in visual perception and presents an original theory of the aesthetic relations among colors. The “only one” bouquet recreates a master piece, stunning, soft, modern, flower roses from fist to last and never tiring of their beauty. This fine art painting has shades of red, orange, yellow, and green, making one of a kind. It will prompt you to see the art in a new refreshing way. She takes an instinctive approach to each piece, painstakingly every petal and another so that no two flowers are identical. The detail is gorgeous. She knows perfectly how to represent the slightest shadow reflecting in a petal and finding the right color, for a realistic effect. Abstraction and living nature through large-scale hydrangeas create chromatic balance. Flowers are translucent with more dimension, because we look into their color, beneath their surface. Color balance co-finished refracting light has a spatial depth that creates emotional depth. Lucia´s process is inspired by color and pattern found in nature, increasing an explicit attention to light. It is the experience of space that gives her painting its vitality, making it appear alive in the moment. Lucia´s paintings stand out for their poetic and mysterious quality. Lucia has exhibited her work internationally in Colombia, Chile, Italy, Germany, USA, Ireland, Spain and Brazil.

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Email: luciadalel@yahoo.com

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Categories lucia dalel my one and only

My only one - 2017

Oil on canvas 0,98 x 1,13 mts

Categories lucia dalel mya second only

My second only one - 2017 - sold

Oil on canvas 1 x 1,4m

Categories lucia dalel my thrid only

My third only one - 2017

Oil on canvas 1,4 x 1 m


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