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Acclaimed for her nuanced use of color and the mastery of her compositions. Laura Concha is a self-taught artist, Colombian based in Miami with a passion for expression. Her creative abilities began first as a childhood fascination in her mother’s studio, that grew into other mediums through the years. Mature abstract expressionist work with sense of joy in light and colour, strange and wonderful new world of beauty, balanced elements of structured composition. Laura Concha implements small brush strokes, reflecting and analyzing space, over time, making an impression of the inner energy, and emotion, which governs and reflects her 'inner space'. Laura´s painting are very much in the tradition of the best of 20th century abstraction. She understands how to organize a canvas, how to arrange elements with extraordinary control over each placement. Laura´s paintings have a vigorous and intense quality that is quite seductive. Her work can be found in homes and fine art galleries across Colombia and Florida.


Email: lauraconcha@hotmail.com

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