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“New paintings” Ileana Gutierrez is one of most impressive representatives of the contemporary Colombian fine arts. Her art works are hardly possible to definitely attribute to some particular style or trend. The style of her paintings is always individual and recognizable though every time it remains within the framework of the figurative paintings. One of the great influences has been France , she attended Le Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Ileana Gutierrez´s landscapes most often communicate her longing for the sea. We are fascinated by the quiet sea, and the silhouettes of the boats lingering in the day light. In this recent body of work Ileana handles the texture, color and form of the landscape with a sculpting hand, almost carving the paint on to the canvas with a layering of color and varied brushwork. . These pictures are explorations of the cutting and layering of shape and color in a sweeping landscape and they maintain a delightful equilibrium between representational landscapes and landscape as abstract inspiration. She constantly experiments with techniques and materials finding new ways to reflect the changing light and seasons in her work. Ileana never allows the sentiment behind a work , she uses the color, tone and mood, giving the eye a chance to relax and imagine , what she calls “sentimentismo”. They represent a consensus, derived from experience, about the common sentiments of mankind. Those finer emotions between the form and the sentiment.

Telephone: +57 3163923267

Email: ileana@gmail.com

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El timbal

0,90 x 1,50 cm

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La chaleur

0,40 x 0,40 cm

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0,52 X 0,67 cm


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