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Patricia is a tremendous sculptor who has earned an international reputation for creating spectacular, unique & wondrous sculpture for 100´s of public, corporate and private settings. Her sense of scale, material, content and form establish dynamic interactions for her sculpture with natural and architectural environs. Three dimensions are real space, space in and around marks and colors , which is riddance of one of the most salient and most objectionable art relics. Actual space is intrinsically more powerful and specific than paint on a flat surface. Stainless steel is hard, bright and modern sculpture material. It is laser cut which leaves perfectly circle surfaces to the plate. Another element about stainless steel is its surface. Bright and readily present to add your own choice of finish. Revised by displacing the shape into single forms which operate in displacing space by positive and negative components reacting against each other causing movement. Modernism has always reflected the highest level of functionality. It seems that modern art has always moved in and out from simple to more complex modes throughout history. , 'New Modernism' , creates works of art that bring a feeling of life and quiet energy to both indoor and outdoor spaces. A wonderful sense of intimacy is created for viewers as they observe the large, flowing shapes held firmly into positions that defy gravity. These large scale and table top sized stainless steel sculptures are distinguished by their smooth, graceful edges and seamless metal intersections, revealing the high caliber welding involved. The swirl patters on the stainless steel, the outer light and reflections are distinct of Patricia Esguerra. Today, her works can be found in private collections throughout Europe, Australia , U.S.A and Latin America.


Email: esguerrapaty@gmail.com

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Sunset - 2006

Rusted steel 3,50 x 1,60 mts

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Silent Sea - 2011

3 circles and color Steinless steel


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