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“Alberto Anzola is essentially Latam due to his Colombian origin. In the present phase of his production, he has matured a new artistic language, proper, very personal, enriched by a coherent formal vocabulary and a thematic repertoire that centers on the human figure. It´s a non-realistic figure, not intended to describe its visual appearance or to serve in analytic speculation. Contemporary with an emphasis on abstract and figurative forms with organic lines and form. Alberto Anzola has been able to develop various techniques such as casting lost, casting and modeling wax by using new materials as iron, steel and polymers. Over the last few years he has been exploring the bond between bulls. His sculptures capture an element of tension, humour and sensitivity, leaving one with the impression that there is often more than meets the eye, presenting abstracted human forms in the most aesthetically pleasing and harmonious way, playing with the negative spaces as well as the shape itself. With his organic sculptures he has established a position on the latam art scene. The relationship between the internal and external realities; the dualism between inside and outside, content and form, feeling and shape, impression and expression. The shape consists of continuously flowing inner and outer surfaces, with one line running through the form. The capacity for synthesis that Anzola asserts in his pieces is one of the most noticeable and persistent characteristics of his work.


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“Tongue ” – 2010

Bronce casting - 10 x 27 x 12 cm

Categories alberto anzola color

“Torso” – 2007

Bronce casting and oil - 25 x 12 x 12 cm

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“Maternity” - 2016

Recina polyester - 30 x 42 x 16 cm


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