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Born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia, where she developed love and passion for painting through the natural splendor of her beloved tropical city . Trained by the famous maestro Miguel Burgos, who allowed her to evolve in the technique, she has produced works that denote her passion for painting. Determination, continuous study, imagination, and a desire to excel enables Diana to paint as she does. Her paintings reflects beauty, color and peace in hundreds of tropical landscapes. With a strong composition to capture the real essence of the variety and intensity of greens that occur in nature. Diana Pineres is captivated by this treasure of flora. Understanding how an abstract painting can embody elements of figuration, and a figurative painting can also

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Email: dianapineres.art@gmail.com

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Series "Mangrove Swamp" VII - 2016

Mixed media on canvas - 59" x 27"

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Series "Mangrove Swamp" I - 2016

Mixed media on canvas - 64" x 47"

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Series "Mangrove Swamp" VIII - 2016

Mixed media on canvas - 59" x 39"


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