Trudy Pizano

Our mission is to increase the appreciation of modern and contemporary Latin American art through our extensive collection, exhaustive country representation, ground-breaking exhibitions, and stimulating educational programs.

We are a unique voice in the field of Latin American art and give voice and visibility to Latin American artists. Finally, Latam Art is alert and responsive to Latin American issues of the moment in the arts. Latam Art welcomes artists from Latin America at every career stage.

Is an art history expert with a complimenting academic background in art administration and marketing. Her interests and research have centered on connecting Latin American art with contemporary culture. Trudy continually scouts creative talents around Latin America, focusing on those whose work is deeply ingrained in Latin American culture and have value in our society.

Trudy works mainly in oils; themes centered on how we have shaped the world around us. Trudy’s latest project “Colonial Reawakening” is the complete restoration of an 18th-century Spanish colonial house.

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