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Alaska, Mompox, and Guajiro desert: this pictorial pilgrimage, by Juliana Ríos, brings us the landscape and the spirit of Colombia in pictorial narrations. The Caribbean atmosphere, the countryside, the colors, the religious customs, and the mestizo faces are representative of her roots. She recreates the faded photographs of her own family converting them into paintings, figurative contemporary image, and new colors that give a mysterious and- at the same time- a luminous atmosphere. Juliana brings memory in modern Colombian art, addressing the past as an identity issue about the passage of time, bringing the traditional and modern together stylistically. She travels time making the viewer take a tour of natural landscapes, memory, and everyday life's scenarios. It is an exploration of places and color that enriches the artist's message and at the same time allows to recognize the common thread of her work, in which cultural expressions and history are fundamental axes. Art must be the result of a construction of both identity and a process of thought, creating imaginary cross-breeding and conscious identity, where time is fundamental in order to understand the transformation of material. Born in Colombia, Juliana Rios Martinez studied Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and painting and sculpture in the New York Academy of Arts. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Colombia, Canada, Spain, and Bulgaria.

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Categories 5juliana rios cruzando la frontera

Crossing the Border 2016

Oil on canvas 1.70 x 1.40 cm

Categories 4juliana rios en el camino

On the Way 2018

Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cmts

Categories 2juliana rios cargando flores

Loading Flowers

Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cmts


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