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His mastery of the spatula in a characteristic tropical palette produces unique colored messages. Romero is a self-taught artist born in Bogotá, who learned everything through observation and mental plasticity to create his own technique and produce works in which the handling of color and great movement make it stand out from the canvas in a special way. He skillfully blends nature and culture, the kaleidoscopic perspective of contemporary art and the traditional in his luminous series “Colombia in peace”. He also enjoys reimagining through concern for depth which forced him to study the chromatic perspective in order to create a number of different plans on a canvas which has three dimensions of height and width and also depth. “Only an extraordinary artist would be able to create a work that distills a brave and wonderful accomplishment” Mercedes Hernandez Garcia, Spanish art critic. He started as a painter in 1985 in Buenos Aires, producing landscapes, the field, trees and forests, which are not immobile, but a force that lives and breathes, capturing freshness and sunlight representing the essence of the Colombian landscapes. He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Spain, Poland and Colombia, clearly showing his deep appreciation of nature. http://guillermoromeropintor.com/index.html

Telephone: 317 699 70 99

Email: guillermoromero963@gmail.com

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Forest's Miracles

Acrylic / Spatula on canvas 0.70 x 100 Ctms

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My white and black Earth

Acrylic / Spatula on canvas 0.70 x 100 Ctms

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Fantasy in the Forest

Acrylic / Spatula on panel 120 x 0.90 Ctms


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