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Evelyn Tovar outlines the message that human civilization is posing globally, how to implement economic and sustainable models within our societies? The situation that Evelyn manifests is that the temporary distance and the impact that we are exerting on the environment is not a simple media recreation, or a futile image of social media, is a reality that directly affects the ecosystems of our territory and this situation intertwines all societies. She has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Italy and Spain.


Email: evelyn.tovartoro@gmail.com

Instagram: @evelyntovartoro

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Vista 1“Descriptiva” 2018

Cut on printed paper 30 x 39.5 x 6 cmts

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Vista 2“Descriptiva” 2018

Cut on printed paper 359.1 x 39.6 x 6 cmts

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Vista 3“Descriptiva” 2018

Cut on printed paper 29.1 x 23.6 x 6 cmts


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