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Exploring the Unknown: The Paintings of Cecilia Somigliana. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started as a self-taught artist exploring different ways of expressing while searching for harmony in the combination of simultaneous tones. This interest pushes Cecilia to look for inspiration in the areas of her paintings that would generally be appreciated only as background or texture. By elevating these patterns and making them more than a piece of the whole, she delivers messages that played perfectly to her artistic vision. Coating areas in so many overlapping drips, the virtuosic swirl, splatter and drip forming traces and harmonious shapes that seem to dance together and intertwined inviting the effects of gravity into the process. Be clear that her interest in experimentation and chance is necessary to innovation. In Cecilia´s expansive, chromatic canvases, thin soaks of enamel with swathes of color and application gestural drips overtop, harnessing multiple techniques. In this way, guided by this abstract and expressionist technique her project carried out this year is titled "Project Oximoron", a work made by dripping paint directly on the canvas, which strongly suggests the work of Jackson Pollock. Cecilia´s work was a more-or-less parallel experiment to, Pollock’s famous method.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/somi797/

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"Number #1"

Enamel with dripping technique Canvas 30x20 cm 58x52cm Wood

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Enamel with dripping technique Tabla de 58x52cm 58x52cm Wood

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"Acid 90"

Enamel with dripping technique Bastidor 30x30cm


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