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Alvaro Daza is one of the best known and respected artists from Colombia on the international scene. For over forty years, his wide-ranging art has been exhibited in several countries making it famous and opening its own space in the scene and in the oriental market. Alvaro´s message translating raw emotion and energy onto the canvas, creating whole domains of color and texture that touch a nerve deep inside one’s own psyche as the eye is free to explore the layers within and discover its own worlds. He utilizes various painting and mixed media techniques in order to create energetic quality paintings to be most intriguing that beckon viewers to build upon their own interpretations. The colors and light take the center stage. Grow and decrease in lines continue to result in a painting with an air of expressionism. His technique is acrylic with his fabricated made “elastic” paint formula. Alvaro has a well earned reputation among art galleries and critics, participated in more than 100 exhibitions at national and international biennials, art fairs, auctions, charity acts and contests in Colombia, Mexico, United States, Italy, Santo Domingo, Chile, China, Canada, Spain, Panama, Peru and Qatar.

Telephone: +5219981360472

Email: alvarodaza@hotmail.com

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Eight degrees below the tropic of cancer 2018

Acrylic canvas 200 x 150 cmts

Categories alvaro daza 2intervalos no controlados por el tiempo


Acrylic canvas 170 x 110 cmts

Categories alvaro daza 3for a connection

For a connection 2014

Acrylic canvas 120 x 150 cmts


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