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Javier Santamaría is considered a representative artist of the neofuturism, juxtaposed with geometric forms. These elements, which initially appear disconnected, reveal on closer inspection a strong link. Santamaría use of multi-pictorialism in which images are loaded with information and cross reference, instigates the viewer to find hidden meanings and layers. Paintings seek to reflect both life and his work as an act of passage, his use of color creates a powerful though intimate presence. Figures possess the frictionless purity of an unreal and recurring dream, in which every figure is memorable without ever possessing any individual traits. The form is softer, but the critical impact is no less strong. The resulting visual impact is highly poetic and often suggests the cascading lines of a musical score, forms are perceptually well defined. Viewers can appreciate the artist’s ease at creating surprising compositions that are the result of a studied and precise balance, nothing is improvised. His works are in the hands of art collectors in U.S.A., Canada, England, Germany, Spain, Colombia and currently exhibits in art galleries in different cities.

Telephone: +57 3007656638

Email: correo@santamariaart.com

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