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Approaching painting with a sensitivity and attentiveness peculiar to women, Pilar Granados makes incredible paintings depicting the true beauty of nature with an excellent blend of colors. The colors with her observation and expertise bring her paintings to life. She has found a provocative correspondence between the abstract dynamism in a void and the graphic features of nature. Her bold strokes and fine outlines support a unified field, where modern discrete tones that make a surprising aspect of space. Her works are characterized by vivid yet calm colors, which are unique in her paintings. Ultimately, each piece captures some fragment of the landscape´s power until the large body of the work joins to express its deepest essence. She has been in many exhibits in Colombia, France, Germany, Chile, and Cuba. Pilar Granados has been painting and drawing for thirty years. She studied, painting and engraving in Vienne at Atelier Maller Osorio and then in Suisse, Holland, Belgium and Czechoslovakia. She taught seminars in painting and drawing for “La Contraloria General de la Republica” and also works at “Le monde Diplomatique.” Since 2005 belongs to the Bogota Art Foundation, and sets its exchange with artists from Cuba, especially with Santiago in the annual Arts Festival.

Telephone: +57 3007427094

Email: pigraji@yahoo.com

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