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“Human Landscape Series” Omar Enrique Guio is a talented artist with a unique and refreshing style. This series explores the relationship among women and 21st century life. A great awareness of the beauty of nature can evoke strong images and emotions. Life is a gift - if we can learn to appreciate all the wonderful things it offers. In all his work, Omar drew upon the influence and inspiration of life itself. Omar’s abstract paintings have universal appeal, despite acquiring a newly cultured look, these landscapes, made with serenity and attention , are transformed into a juxtaposition of nature and its human invaders. His work may remain totally abstract or venture into landscape suggestions . It is a work open to multiple readings connecting the personal to the collective, the experiential to fantasy, fiction to reality, identity to otherness. Color and movement can both describe and possibly induce a state to attract a natural rather than constructed rhythm from the composition, the explicit use of color and the pervasive luminosity. 1 st prize at the 16 th Rotary Salon.

Telephone: +57 3007427061

Email: omarguiopintor@hotmail.com

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