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Emerging artist Jose Luis Triviño debuts new collection of conceptual oil, acrylic pigment paintings on metal .The focus of Triviño’s current work is on the resonance of the perpetuation of past images. Even after repeated viewings, these individual pieces retain their enigmatic character and only sporadically reveal the isolated traces of their seemingly heterogeneous origins. Triviño’s interest for the questions of authenticity and construction of reality and his exploration of the structures is of special interest. Consolidated bodies of transparent colours – green , yellow or blue. adding to the work’s visual impact over metal that have an additional component of reflection. The resulting appearance of the image creates tension and narrative.. The result, is a luminous piece of art with the captivating illusion of three dimensional layering and movement. Action and interpretation, discovering nature through the artistic human desire to figure out, to define or to scrutinize the moving, intangible and transforming nature of the universe are also characteristic of his work. Awarded the first place in paintings at the XXVIII moon cultural arts Chia, Colombia, for his “moonwalk” work conceived in 2011 A compendium of experimentation and in turn to have a fixed target, in terms of technical details in the work the physical process by which the work is transformed to reach a point of coupling between pigments and support leveraging the strengths of laminated iron, its oxides and the different qualities of color natural earth that are attuned pigmentation with white color allowing the viewer to see textures and different ways of working an image by setting a harmonious and dynamics. The direct relationship between the city and the individuals, configures the places we inhabit and are impregnated in our history, the alienation of the individual, how alone we may feel surrounded by people, try to immerse ourselves in our subjectivity and respect of others and thereby meet our little piece of heaven.

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