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Color Into Space Latam geometric abstraction, which is one of the most idiosyncratic contributions made by We to contemporary art, by emphasizing the three-dimensional character of the painting, Juana forces the viewer to inspect it as if it were a sculpture, constitute a visual and intellectual ascesis, a kind of meditation in movement, creating communication with the viewer. Unable to detect the complete system, the viewer nevertheless notices a strong visual force holding everything together Juana’s geometric abstractions engage the viewer to actively explore relations between the shaped canvas, its embedded planes and surrounding architecture. What is so astonishing and gratifying about (Juana’s) work is the way that colorand shape, each as important as the other, interact to create each painting. Juana´s paintings can be described as having a certain movement and three-dimensionality while retaining a reductive quality that is general to geometric abstraction. The hard-edged forms are bordered by bright bands of contrasting color of varying angle and width producing multiple fields of form and color that play against one another. The surprisingly bright color provide a rich contrast to the somber predominant blacks, grays and whites, and add weight and movement to the paintings. The emphatic diagonal movement in many of her works relates a feeling of containment within the picture frame, and a further implication of spatial depth. Juana Gaviria, designer started studying art at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá however received a bachelor of Fine arts and Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design in 2000. Now a residence at Flora artistic training school for contemporary art.


Email: juanagaviria@yahoo.com

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