Alberto Martinez

Chronology of Space
By Alberto Martinez.

For over 20 years the Colombian sculptor Alberto Martinez has combined iron, and rust to produce bright distant forms with imaginary fantasy and exquisite beauty. Martinez´s modern production systems within three-dimentional contemporary abstract sculpture embody feelings of movement and expression to add maximum pleasure and charm to life.

The perfection of the finish, the beauty and the hidden glamour that exudes from the masterpieces displayed in a minimalistic approach, as if they were holograms of the universe, as well as the works of mild forms with extraordinary magical unreality embody feelings of movement and expression that demonstrate Aberto´s ability to create expressive, highly sensual spaces.

Martinez ´s works make him a unique figure on the contemporary art scene. Despite its spreading extension into the room the sculptures seem to move away from us, irrespective of our point of view. Containing their own space and light within themselves, they emit their own rarefied atmosphere and are strangely insubstantial and weightless. Color is not simply on the surface, but creates a new kind of enriched surface and new spatial relationships. Without question we are confronted with major artistic ambition and newness

Over an incredibly large number of exhibitions in recent years Alberto Martinez has demonstrated a persistent drive and a continuing ability to be emotionally expressive.

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