José Manuel Arrieta Corena


 foto maestro ARRIETA Arrieta´s paintings reveal the interpretation of natural wonders, beautiful organic forms, diverse and varied in their presentation. An abstractionism full of color and vigor, in strokes of vigorous spatula, impressive texture and contrasting with subtle atmospheres, in a contemporary style and beautifully degraded. Nature's most basic and minute forms and shapes, intended to evoke a range of emotions, expressing the beauty of the forms and colors he finds in nature express acomplexity of artistic, personal, and environmental feelings.

Arrieta´s pictorical structures are beautiful in color contrast and meanful detail tending to ariate and fill spaces outline áreas of contrasting color space. They express the natural world with creativity, elegantly beautiful works pushing abstraction to the edge of the finely finished object. Profound explosion of texture and shape, a quiet collision of forms, the beauty often unseen, allow our hearts and minds to open to the wonders of life thru abstractionist and voluptuary poses contrived in the interest of compositional balance.The story on the canvas often blur the lines between fantasy and reality, leaning more on imaginative spontaneity to create something than is loose yet confident.

Contemporary abstract artist Jose Manuel Arrieta is a native of Barranquilla and resident of Santander, Colombia. He graduated at Dicas Art School of Fine Arts. Universidad Eafys Colombia.Teacher in the school of fine arts Corena has been Municipal Councilor of Culture in Plastic Arts in Barrancabermeja, Cultural Advisor to the Governor of Santander.

Public Works Mural, Sculpture in Santander, Culture Corporation of Chile.Founding member of the Cultural Art Museum of Contemporary Art in Santander, member of the Colombian society of contemporary artists. Work shown locally and internationally in Chile, Argentina, France and USA.


Cel (+57) 320-2355476 

1-“Explosion of nature” - 1.40 x 0,90 Cmts Price US$1.600
ARIETA serie destellos 1
2-“Explosion of nature” - 1.40 x 0.80 Cmts Price US$ 1.600
ARIETA 33-“Explosion of nature” - 1.40 X 1.40 Cmts Price US$ 2.500
4-“Explosion of nature” - 1.40 x 0.75 Cmts Price  US$ 1.600
ARRIETA55-“Explosion of nature” - 1.40 X 1.40 Cmts Price US$ 2.500
8-“Explosion of nature” - 1.40 x 0.75 Cmts Price  US$ 1.600