Rafael Antonio Buitrago

Aproach to his thematic and plastic execution

Rafael Buitrago is a Colombian artist, whose work hangs in galleries across the country. As he describes his evolution as a plastic artist with a clear influence of, impressionism, expressionism and abstract, cubism, but especially of the fauvism, where he picks up all the strength and the infinite poetic possibilities of the color and space starting with the landscape, integrating the rural and urban landscape and emotional contexts of human figure within urban landscape abstractions.

The human figure is always in his settings, abiguity in the colors and how to apply it on the surface of the canvas, conjoining in rich and subtle textures through space, flowing in harmonious unit on the background. An idyllic atmosphere that help to give the feeling of flying or floating the figure within the spaces.

In “suspended states”- Series, Buitrago´s understated portrayal of the mood and character of people, he archived the formal integrity of color and structure he was seeking. The larger canvases are filled with color, hinting at the sharper-edged abstract planes The poses and settings are at all natural, whether clothed or nude, makes with their limbs or garments the sort of diagonal lines and angular shapes with which Buitrago constructs his compositions. He manage to suggest space in approaching emotional and spiritual states.

There is evidence of a depth perception of nature that is exceptional. Striving for the symbolic and poetic, Buitrago´s figures are vague and generalized when they need a sharply specific closely observed, acuteness of execution to attain the universality he desires.