Aira Henao

Aira Henao, born in Colombia, Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis in ceramics and sculpture. Her media constructions explore variation within repeated forms. Utilizing transparent resins, she experiments with natural and chemical processes, to create luminous works that emanate a meditative pulse. In 2000, she worked with the Chilean sculptor Angel Mayea, as assistant; working  fiberglass and polyester resin, the raw material currently used in her work.

 Aira´s work covers a topic that has been a constant in her work: the abused woman ,  which is evident in pieces like “Motherboards” a computer electronic board and resins  and in the series of “Inside object and affection”.

Thus designs, shapes, materials, fiberglass, textures and colors make her palette in a neo pop language - art for a social change. To confront the issue of violence toward the female body fractal-like forms  expressing  her engagement with objects and potential meaning tears , providing the positive message: recovery, a new beginning and life after abuse.

“Henao has one of the strongest and solid proposals, with a plastic reflection on female beauty and love, asked about social ideals that challenge what we consider beautiful or ugly, but with enough humor and irony.” Ricardo Arcos Palma

Aira has been selected for the First  Salon of Young Artist Tokio, for her originality and attitude consistent with the purpose of the call.

photos by Julian Arango.

"Acid "carving resin.32m x .63 x 6,5 cm. - 2015- US$ 2.200.
Guilty", electronic computer boards, resins, LED lighting - 1.07 m x 1.07 x 47.12 cm.-2015 US$ 3.500
" judicious Acceptance", resin cut . 46 cmt diameter x 65 - thickness - 2015 US$ 1.900
" Fish eye", resin carved. 46 cm diameter x 6,5 cm thickness.. - 2014 - US$ 1.900
" Dreamcatcher l " hair (synthetic), resin, weaving and carving 76x28.15 – 2015 -US$ 1.300
" Dreamcatcher lI " hair (synthetic), resin, weaving and carving. 20 X10 cmts - 2015- US$ 1.300

She participated in:


Comtemporary Art Selection. Madrid Spain.

Also in Winwood - Espectrum - Comtemporary Art Selection, Miami. EE. UU. And numerous solo shows in Colombia.