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Space Dimensions EVA CELIN born in Bogotá, Master of Fine Arts at National University of Colombia, Eva Celin, a realist painter whose approach to her subject matter is distinctly contemporary, sharing with latamart a unique and passionate vision; brief moments of unnoticed grandeur. Art that stands against the growing nihilism of our time – and that withfixed purpose celebrates beauty and immensity in life. Eva creates three-dimension images ,painting on multiple glass sheets, layering and over lapping which gives a sense of depth and also combining acrylic paints. This unique combination of materials brings each creation to life and challenges the viewer’s senses, dividing the pictorial elements that together create a whole painting, observed in terms of its height, width and depth. By breaking traditional barriers between painting and sculpture, the artist blurs the line between artistic mediation and pure experience. Eva attractive environments and characters, along with chromatic plays of vivid colors, soft and neutral, a neat stroke and an intense and overwhelming light, offer a calm and serene observation. The portraits are built on the same principles as far as observation, composition, a sense of focus and a rhythm for the painting, her composition is determined by the pose as natural as possible. Dominant re-appropriation of the female figure in her work – greatly supported by her expressive control of the painted surface – is too strong to ignore. Our gaze transcends the picture plane and permeates deep into the subject’s psyche, seeking essence of humanity. Curating her work has been interesting and pleasant.


Email: evacelin@gmail.com

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