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Abstract Drawings by Diana Patricia Soto Aristizabal Colombian born Diana Patricia graduated with a distinction in the Technological University, Pereira (Higher National Diploma in music ) and from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano Fine Arts. Her drawings with a highly finished compositions with rich possibilities of abstraction as a mode of artistic expression.The only lines visible are those to portray a texture in her subjects, relying on the light falling across the surface. It is the shadows created by the light that reveal the textures of the subject., the imaginary space in front and wandering off into its marks and empty passages. Creatings works of partial or complete abstraction exclusive or in addition to paintings for the unique properties and effects afforded to them by drawing media such as charcoal and acrylic. Her clean colours and strict mathematical constructions acting as a structure out of which gesture explodes out of the space creating a dynamic edge, a feeling that the technical restrictions of her self imposed design .Like all work, it’s more about movement than anything else, phenomenally speaking. The magnetism of the painted surface invites exploration, the feel of the paint and space stimulates directness void of storytelling. It is as you see it. At times the paintings become overworked, making it a challenge to end up with a fresh statement, where the painting has precision, luminosity, clarity of inner light, air and colour. Patricia´s drawings and paintings present harmony, chaos and a sense of momentum. Her work has been included in exhibitions across the country in France in the Carrusel du Louvre, Latino Art Museum,and Pomona California.For two years she had the first prize. “Rotary in Art”. Mural for Peace, 2014 organized by Américas Museum.. Her work has been purchased by collectors internationally.


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