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Castel Diaz was born in Bucaramanga, to Colombian parents. A painter and fashion photographer with somatic qualities. After nurturing and developing his talent in Argentina where he completed his studies, Castel relocated in Colombia. The symbolically overdrawing body forms and incorporating female figures in a distinctive and unique style surreal – pop style. Compositions often involving elements of performance such as fashion shows. The spaces allow viewers to imagine the details for themselves, soft shades and light outlines a mysterious and sensuous quality to his pictures. Castel's the series Josephine : represents an instinct for the crucial points in a remarkably rich and singular exploration of the human body. The interest in female subjectivity, conceptualist practice, and fashion photography’s relationship to performance which offers an occasion to examine more closely the expression of a highly subjective and coherent artistic vision. The notion of painting evaporating ambiguous spaces where people and objects float out of context as if hanging in space. Castel´s incredibly skilled in the sober reality of our modern world invites us to see things within the areas of love, tenderness and simple beauty. Taking fragmented, images and combining on canvas to create visual stories to express basic emotions and tap into intricate human futuristic quality of modernity. He has been en many publications and private collections and galleries across the USA, England, Argentina and Colombia. 9

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