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Gorgeous colors, dramatic and full of emotion. Aliris making the most of the expressive intensity of colour, unintentionally transforms into a blended art. Impose on us with their formidable and enchanting presence. They stand before our eyes to open us to their transparency. Characterized by an abstract gestural style, Aliris’s work has emerged as one of the most influential of her generation. Known for her intricate and evocative abstract compositions, Aliris´s frenetic, interlacing forms and her constant search for new ways in which sensations are shown in a very own style, where shapes and colors extend beyond reality, bold gestural line bring a wonderful energy to her messages, all of them bursting life. She adopts a combination of abstract-dripping and developed a distinctive style of simplified organic motifs. Aliris’ artistic practice is unique, restraining herself to a palette of primary colors added to black, in acrylic paint. Represented by Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, Art District.Her work is held in many private collections

Telephone: +573008092802

Email: aliris22@hotmail.com

<p>Instagram: @dripping_gallery -@artista__alirisbarona </p>

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