Colombian artist based in Bogotá, her “Astonished” series catches us unaware with its deceptive casualness and perfect composition, its minimalist and reductive elements, as well as subject matter close to meaninglessness allows for a meditation on process, resulting in imagery that illustrates a genealogy of mark and line, where each subsequent iteration between media or added layer inherits something from its predecessor, replicating and altering it. Some were done primarily in dark, with white paint twisting in thin lines, like cracks spreading in smashed with dark ground. The painter allows the viewer to explore a potential space —an atmospheric dimension of depth, tonality and color gradations. This transparent thinking leads to a liberating insight in the psychology of the image. Her work has a unique look, which opens up the imagination in interaction with the work. A central concept in her work is the appearance and disappearance of images; the temporality of atmosphere, perspective, reflections, shadows and traces. Exhibits- Praxis Gallery, Canada, Washington Usa, Jadite Gallery, N Y, USA and Colombia



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