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“In Juan Mario´s works the physical and gestural aspects of the artistic process are emphasized along with his ability to create truly beautiful paintings in a confident, mature style. The way he lays colors and the stateliness of his compositions maintain a fine balance between seemingly contradictory forces: control, spontaneity and imagery . The abstract expressionism paintings and sculptures from the past year, offer a critical reading of abstraction itself Acevedo´s eccentrically shaped or multi-part canvases, loosely painted, executed with excruciating care interlaces with trend. The colors, the textures, the tension and the fragments, brilliantly conjugate with the contemporary. Acevedo´s current work within many of his paintings elevates the written word to subject and transforms traditional viewing into a type of reading. From the abstract to the postmodern world this painter´s real contribution to contemporary art is that which painting always tended to reveal in depth of meaning over time. His gestural language allows a reading of the ego as an event that goes beyond any rational attitude. The artist chooses the place to transform the plastic phenomenon into a ritual in an opening action, allowing the vital energy to flow in a moving gesture that becomes visible in his pictorical writing, through which he reflects the state of the soul of our time. He becomes related to the construction of trans vanguard movements, strongly saturated colors slide over the canvas to give shape to an amazing context. The support creates atmospheres in which figure and background interpenetrate in corresponding dialogues. The lively mind and entrepreneurial spirit of Acevedo transmits happenings and environments, which redirect the focus from the artist as actor to the audience as creators. A wide variety of curving and flowing linear elements the shapes and direct the viewer´s eyes over the complex composition in continuous sometimes sharp motions.


Email: jmart@juanmarioacevedo.com

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