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Edwin Mojica

Mature Love Mature Love

Edwin Mojica Born in 1958 in Bogotá, Colombia, graduated from the National University as an architect and has taken several art workshops. This is a time of change and the contemporary world would rather place emphasis on the younger generation. Latin artists have now become more exploratory and determined, trying to attune themselves to international trends as they are enjoying the benefits of artistic freedom of expression that bring along a powerful upsurge of new art forms while revitalizing traditions moving forward.

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Interview to Ernesto Neto


  London Art Fair    

The 27th edition of London Art Fair opens next week in Islington

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Diana Patricia Soto Aristizabal

  Prelude 1
Prelude 1

Abstract Drawings by Diana Patricia Soto Aristizabal

Colombian born Diana Patricia graduated with a distinction in the Technological University, Pereira (Higher National Diploma in music ) and from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano Fine Arts. Her drawings with a highly finished compositions with rich possibilities of abstraction as a mode of artistic expression.The only lines visible are those to portray a texture in her subjects, relying on the light falling across the surface. It is the shadows created by the light that reveal the textures of the subject., the imaginary space in front and wandering off in...



Anapoima 2014 - 2015 Art Show


Anapoima- Colombia

The first Salón de Arte Anapoima opened on december 6th and will continue until january 7th. Around 200 art works by 110 colombian and 10 international artists exhibit figurative, abstract paintings as well as sculptures and instalations well worth visiting.

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The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World


 December 14, 2014–April 5, 2015
Painting in an Atemporal World

Forever Now presents the work of 17 artists whose paintings reflect a singular approach that characterizes our cultural moment at the beginning of this new millennium: they refuse to allow us to define or even meter our time by them.