Anapoima 2014 - 2015 Art Show

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 Our Artist
María Del Pilar Granados Jimenez  
Fog forest
Fog forest

Approaching painting with a sensitivity and attentiveness peculiar to women, Pilar Granados makes incredible paintings depicting the true beauty of nature with an excellent blend of colors. The colors with her observation and expertise bring her paintings to life. She has found a provocative cor...



Cristina Restrepo's work

Cristina Restrepo's work “ FILM NOIR”

Acrylic on canvas.
170 x 184 cmts . 2011



“What is true in abstract art is the proclamation of the aesthetic principles. It is in our current era, when we have come to realize of the magnitude of pure aesthetics. Art can never be an imitation”
-Hans Hofmann

Within the work of Cristina Restrepo, the aesthetic premium over many other plastics attributes. The proclamation of aesthetic principles, as Hofmann says, is what unites the artistic work from figuration to abstraction.

When the maximum concern is the aesthetic experience, creating an honest, unpretentious work, where the main protagonist of the play is its spectator, a sensory experience that is guaranteed.

Cristina Restrepo's work is a promise of the abstract experience. Her career in Paris, London has enriched her artistic panorama and contemporary classics combining national and international influences, distilled in this exhibition where the artist opens in front of the Colombian public.

Our primary function as curators is to accelerate the art and artists to the public power and that is why with the great taste invite visitor to sign this pledge of national abstraction.
By Alonso art gallery



 Artist of the month
María Isabel Salazar de Lince  

Maria Isabel abstract landscapes in "Sensations,", evoke the world's constant flux and passages of rare beauty.with a balanced composition and the right kind of texture and tone.

Maria Isabel- is a passionate artist using an innovative technique in oil paint that captures emotion and awakens the senses… She modifies  the observed subject by introducing a subjective element of her own, the "feeling of being there" is apparent. Each work contains a pole of stillness and a pole of violence; from both of which a remarkable aesthetic unity evolves. The only recurring motif found is a playful smuggling of unexpected blues into  monochrome skies and seas.

Her current artwork, with an abstract spirit combined with figurative references, features strength through color and freedom evidenced in shapes.. This is earthy, grounded, sensible art at its peak of accomplish...