Anapoima 2014 - 2015 Art Show

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 Our Artist
Miguel Diazgrandos  
Fuego Caribe
Fuego Caribe

Contemporary painter Diazgrandos

Working as an abstract expressionist painter, derived from a profound contemplative process that convey powerful sentiments, vibrant color and eloquent design resulting  in visual poetry which allows him to articulate intangible and psychol...



Contemporary artist

Cristina Restrepo's work “ FILM NOIR”



The art gallery "Mariano Rodriguez" belonging to the Dirección Municipal de Cultura in Havana , invited Ileana Gutiérrez Quevedo , Colombian artist, to deliver a lecture on her "sentimentisto" art theory and to exhibit her painting work and recite poetry
“Sentimentismo” feelings and emotions are analized and conceptualized as an artistic expression that produce to the viewer an intímate introspectic emotion. It is a free an intímate creative response and insight to artworks.

“ Los veleros de mi vida.

…………….veleros como la vida misma, vamos de puerto en puerto o vamos a la deriva, o a la locura, a la pasión desmedida, luchando contra tempestades y las tormentas del alma, con el viento a tus espaldas, agua ,fuego, mente inquieta que divaga, que lucha por llegar a buen puerto a través del mar de la esperanza, de la tranquilidad, al descanso merecido, para volver a batallar en este juego eterno de la vida.” Ileana Gutiérrez.

Dirección Municipal de Cultura
La Habana, Cuba.October 15 (8pm)



 Artist of the month
Angela Castro  

Casting Brilliance by Angela Castro

Angela Castro is a glass artist from Bogotá, Colombia who has worked with fused glass art for more than 20 years. Warm glass is art glass that is formed in a kiln. This process involves firing a mosaic of compatible glass in a kiln up to 1500 degrees until it fuses together. The alchemy of intense heat creates the illusion of fluidity in each unique piece. Castro's sculpture has an extraordinary ability to make a first-time viewer stop and be drawn in to look carefully again and again. Her brilliance has given her the cutting edge in kiln-cast glass for her inspirational work. By using glass in innovative ways there are optical illusions within the pieces that you see With casts taken from familiar objects inside, for example fruit and vegetables, with opaque and reflective glass become both majestic and magical.

Because glass is liquid even in its (seemingly) solid state, it h...