Anapoima 2014 - 2015 Art Show

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Ileana Gutierrez  
“Fuego glaciar”
“Fuego glaciar”

“New paintings”

Ileana Gutierrez is one of most impressive representatives of the contemporary Colombian fine arts. Her art works are hardly possible to definitely attribute to some particular style or trend. The style of her paintings is always individual and recogn...



"Sensations " - Painting
M. Isabel Salazar de Lince, Colombia


Óleo / lino  - 130 x 195 cms.

Oleo sobre lino 100 x 140 cm




An exhibition of paintings by popular Colombian contemporary artist M. Isabel Salazar de Lince
As she describes:
“The work is a direct observation of nature and phenomena occurring in diverse areas of the planet. What I do feel is the sensations arising from these henomena and a translation imbued with personal experiences of visual language.

Human beings evolve and thrive on what ocurres around; to the extent that our environment changes, so does our perception of it; through the shapes and colors of María Isabel´s painting, she seeks to perpetuate the subtle nuances that creates that wonderful process of interaction with nature.”

M. Isabel Salazar de Lince
Club de Banqueros y Empresariosde Bogotá

She has been invited tomNational Exhibition of Fine Arts - Carrousel du Louvre , Paris. Every year, the National Exhibition of Fine Arts presents paintings, sculptures and prints in the triangle of the Louvre Pyramid.




German Rueda

German Rueda

Oil 150 x 120

3 decades of abstract art
April 8, 2014

This exhibition presents work by Colombian painter German Rueda, who is internationally renowned for his captivating works compositions of color non-figurative, inspired by various themes . His oil paintings are large-format compositions where he plays with color and light, the allusions formal vary according to the mood of the artist and the theme chosen.

“One can speak with certainty that German Rueda today is a painter whose 30 year career marks his work as sequential, coherent and developed” Albert Rossenthal.

Club de Banqueros y Empresarios
Gracielas Gomez Foundation